The Ottawa Dungeon is Ottawa's premier dungeon facility. The dungeon is located in the west end of Ottawa in an upscale highrise condo. Clean, discreet, secure, and incredibly well-equipped, it is arguably the best and largest playspace in the Ottawa area. The address and directions are given when confirming your session time a day or two beforehand.

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The main room has a St. Andrew's Cross, spanking bench, dog cage, bondage coffin, pee chair, stocks, suspension equipment and more. There is a huge assortment of dildos and butt plugs of all shapes and sizes, vibrators, gags, blindfolds, hoods, leather and solid metal wrist and ankle cuffs, collars, chains, arm binders, whips, crops, cat'o'nines, canes, violet wand, bondage belt, chastity devices, nipple clamps, many bondage devices, PES electrics and so much more...




There is a professionally equipped medical room with an examination table ready to strap you down to and a selection of medical aids to assist in your complete work up. Pain is pleasure, pleasure is pain. Experiments, while tightly bound and unable to resist, can include sounds, enemas, cbt, country music and more.


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There is a very feminine boudoir with a bed perfect for having you on all fours while you are taken from behind with a big strapon. Mirrors are perfectly placed to watch the action as your Mistress sinks into you hard and deep. Its also the perfect setting for a feminine transformation - make use of the large selection of slut clothing, sissy maid outfits, or would you prefer to be a demure female with wigs, makeup and shoes to reveal the pretty girl you are deep inside?

Whatever your darkest domination desires, The Ottawa Dungeon is perhaps the best equipped to fulfill your fantasies. The list of possibilities is quite extensive, so express your desire while contacting Us and We will discuss your needs prior to a session...

...should We find you worthy.
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