Welcome to the Ottawa Dungeon

The Ottawa Dungeon is home to two incredibly beautiful Dominatrixes, Mistress Ebonita and Lady Justice, both possessing Their own strengths, preferences, and skill sets. Professionalism and discretion are top priorities. When you enter the Dungeon, you know immediately that you are in good hands and can be free to let go of any uncertainty. you know that your limits will be respected and your interests govern the time spent. The world outside fades away completely. your true self can come out to play.

The Ottawa Dungeon also plays host to visiting Dommes from all corners of the world. Check the News page for information on visiting Dommes, a selection of male and female subs and slaves to include in your session, as well as upcoming events and parties.

The Ottawa Dungeon is made up of four rooms: The Dungeon, with suspension equipment, St. Andrew's Cross, standing cage, spanking/strapon bench, bondage coffin, dog cage, and all of the associated accoutrements.

The Boudoir is filled with shoes, outfits, and wigs to suit any size. We will transform you to your true calling whether it be slut or sissy, maid or streetwalker. Primping and preening at the makeup table and then being able to appreciate the complete transformation in front of the floor to ceiling mirrors is nothing short of a dream come true. Dressed as a slut, sissy or anything in between, while on all fours on the bed in the Boudoir, with all the facing mirrors, while being taken from behind by a strong, beautiful Woman, is a scene that plays out in many a slave's mind.

The Medical Room comes complete with a medical table with bondage and stirrups. Does your mind wander to scenes of an Evil Doctor or Nurse who takes advantage of the situation to strap you down and then poke and prod relentlessly? Enemas, sounds, electrics, CBT of all forms, and so much more can happen here. Let your imagination run wild. I can assure you that the Doctor's will!