To avoid disappointment, on Our part or yours, read the following rules and remember them. They are not only considered common courtesy, they are the proper way to treat your Mistress.

  • You will address Us as either Mistress, Goddess, Queen, or Lady. Never address Us as Miss or Ma'am.
  • Be on time. If you are running late, contact your Mistress/Master immediately.
  • Cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance. If not, you may be blocked from contacting Us again, or you may have to provide a deposit before another session will be booked. Also, you will most likely be responsible for paying a penalty. The decision will be Ours.
  • Be clean inside and out. We do not tolerate dirty and smelly submissives.
  • Present the session fee to your Mistress/Master immediately after being greeted.
  • Do not assume anything. If unsure, always ask.
  • The session will be cancelled and your fee forfeited if you arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Do not have any illegal drugs on your person.
  • Topping from the bottom, trying to direct the scene while in the session, will displease Us immensely. The session may be terminated if the behaviour is not corrected.
  • We understand your need to please but when asked a question, answer honestly rather than saying what you think We want to hear.
  • Never ask for sexual favors or make sexual advances. To do  so will result in termination of O/our session without refund.

BDSM is often very erotic in nature and We consider Ourselves very sensual. Do not misinterpret this as a prelude to sex/prostitution. We are Dommes, not prostitutes. We will not engage in any form of sex however We may allow you self administered release. If the end result is only for sexual gratification and not for the sake of BDSM, then you should look elsewhere.